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FOX Business
Mar 2, 2013 1:00am EST
and people, but that is exactly what my government has arranged for me to do. i am 65 years old. i am now entitled to medicare, social security, and wealth transfer operation that takes from the young and gives to the old him even the affluent old. and it is unsustainable. nowhere near enough money to pay for the promises politicians made. we are already 16 trillion in debt. so, most politicians response, spend more. don't cut anything. my president calls the sequester a meat cleaver approach. meat cleaver. we should take a meat cleaver to the budgets. at the sequester cuts just that thing, they want to increase spending. this much. instead, they're just going to add this much. and they are still adding. they're spending more. don't believe me, look at this chart. the red line is what they planned to spend over the next ten years. the blue line is what they will spend after the sequester cuts. spending still increases, just a little less. and you could say i am being unfair here because it is reasonable for government to grow to account for inflation. that is a fair criticism. so let's ad
Mar 5, 2013 8:00am PST
and the great government consulting as they pick the products to bring a lot of innovation to san francisco. cory? give cory a round of applause. [applause] >> thank you, chris. thank you so much for all of your hard work, chris. none of this could be possible without your efforts. good evening. the good government awards are incredibly important in san francisco. it's a chance for us to honor the tremendous work that happens in the city and also to honor the individuals who are responsible for some of that success. congratulations to all of our honorees. we're very grateful for your work. let's give a hand for them. [applause] the good government awards also support spur's good government work. it is a central part of our mission. our agenda is admittedly ambitious. we analyze every local measure on the san francisco ballot, which until recently was a pretty formidable task. we participate in most of the major issues of city government from pension and payroll tax reform to some of the most important discussions on how we fund a lot of our public services, whether that finding different re
Mar 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
challenge. chinese government officials are trying to show they're doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders in north and south korea to let cooler heads prevail. >> translator: the relevant countries should show calm and restraint so we can avoid any further escalation of the situation. >> reporter: hua chunying says china is carrying out u.n. resolutions consistently and is fulfilling international obligations. north korea's response to the latest round of u.n. sanctions has put china on edge. officials in beijing want to avoid driving authorities in pyongyang into a corner which could result in the regime's collapse. they fear that would prompt north koreans to flee across the border and into chinese territory. china is north korea's biggest aid provider and trading partner. its incoming leaders have not made any public comments about this latest tension on the korean peninsula. so it's not clear how they'll follow up on the new sanctions and what kind of relationship and influence their administration will have with the north korean re
Mar 6, 2013 7:30am PST
to be here today. i'd like to introduce our special guest, lieutenant government gavin newsome. it (applause) at the thank you. >> also represent state mark malone's office tom ammiano. (applause) * >> all will return momentarily, i'm sure. paul henderson, representing mayor ed lee's office. [laughter] >> and to my right, i have the open house, our state association vice president and i'm sure other names, past president san francisco chapter. we have lots of our membership here including a couple of board members, kerry greenberg from fresno. [speaker not understood] is here. we have two representatives from san mateo county, barbara arieta and mike miller. i know people. at this time i'd like to say a few words about the california grand jurors association. it's an all volunteer group, 501(c) (3) dedicated to promoting the participation in the grand jury system, qualifies applicants to be grand jurors, bidthv awareness so we have consumers of the grand jury's product, report. at this point i'd like to turn it over for some lengthy introductions. >> thank you. thank you, keith. welcome, eve
Mar 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
the government can access the record of our daily live e-mails, cell phone data, things of that nature. people concerned with privacy have complained for a while that the law has not kept pace with technology and the government can obtain, store, and access increasing amounts of data about our daily lives. privacy is one of the issues that is difficult to get people to care about. i was reading an article that compares the privacy damage to environment in the sense that it happens little by little and each erosion does not seem to matter that much. at the end of the day, it may add up to a loss of privacy that is unacceptable in our democracy. the question is, are we there yet? it seems like we have reached an inflection point about privacy. more people are concerned about the issue. we could see it covered in the press more. a computing factor was the petraeus affair about for which this event is case. it seems like in the case, the fbi did have warrant. the investigation made people realize that e-mails were not that private. privacy advocates took advantage of that moment to put forth the c
FOX Business
Mar 3, 2013 2:30am EST
't find 85 billion in spending cuts. how about cutting this. unused government coffers and doled out by the fish department and teach us about democracy and creating videos featuring drill sergeants showing off the recipes. it is adding up and johnathon this is it what dc should have been targeting all along. >> the role of government is it clear and limit defined by the constitution. ours is full of waste and chalk full of worthless and party is serious about cutting the size and scope of government? >> 156 million that your reports showed . federal employees to stay at home and work. and wayne you have a few others? >> it is it embarrassing . that is it the report. up can go out and get it it is it a hundred pages and hundred items of waste and another bridge to no where and 520,000 in ohio. and giant gariffti carrots. when you think about it the president takes the jet and goes to play golf with tiger wood that. is two million and three million down the drain by the time you take the cars and stand up and upon say oh, my goodness, we have a terrible problem. we have a cut and in t
Mar 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
coalition celebrates their candidate. he is the outgoing prime minister of the government of national unity. he presents himself as a great reformer. this is his third attempt at the presidency. he also knows that this is his last and he wants to win this to avoid what every man recognizes to be a bruising second-round fight. >> this is the end of the government of national unity and the start of a new constitution and if they get right, this will be the beginning of a new political rule in this country. the kenyans also understand the cost of getting this wrong. >> the president of chad says that one of the top commanders of al qaeda has been killed in mali. he has been blamed for the killing of many westerners in the last five years. and a ceremony was held in the capital of chad on friday to honor the soldiers killed it during the fighting against al qaeda in mali. the president said that the battle against al qaeda is not over. >> it is they who have killed the mangy hottest leaders in the north of mali. is your soldiers who have lived -- liberated and to alongside the french soldiers h
Mar 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
will affect 1/3 of all government programs. predictions vary on how much and how quickly they will impact everyday life. some estimates suggest 1 million jobs are threatened. the military will be hardest hit. the pentagon will be forced to cut spending by 8%. the international monetary fund is warning that the cuts could slow u.s. economies. >> everybody is wondering what it means i of the sequestration takes effect. what it means is we will have to reevaluate our growth forecast of the united states and also our other forecasts. >> the cuts would come into effect over seven months. if the republicans and democrats can overcome their differences, they will still have time to avoid the worst-case scenario. >> let's crossover to frankfurt and talk about those scenarios. >> cutbacks in spending will mean that the economy might not grow as readily as it was forecast to do, which could have repercussions here for firms. people are holding onto their money in light of this scenario. still, there are a lot of optimists who say that time and time again, and politicians in washington in the end pu
Mar 8, 2013 6:00am PST
's national people congress. chinese government officials are trying to show they are doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders in north and south korea to let cooler heads >>> china is north korea's biggest ally but it too supports the latest u.n. sanction. the country is in the process of a leadership transition. james tengan is in beijing covering developments as part of our series, "china, change and challenge." james, how is the story on the korean peninsula playing out there? >> reporter: yes, gene. xi jinping and li keqiang are expected to be confirmed as china's president and vice premier next week at the national people's congress. it looks like the situation on the korean peninsula will be their first major foreign policy challenge. chinese government officials are trying to show they are doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders in north and south korea to let cooler heads prevail. >> translator: the relevant countries should show calm and restraint so we can avoid any further esca
Mar 3, 2013 7:00am PST
in the 1.0 world. it was a company that created technology to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it
Mar 9, 2013 6:20pm EST
government in washington. federal money pours in every single day into every part of the city. despite this fountain of federal funds, one in three children still live in poverty in our nation's capital. two in three children lived in single-parent homes. another city number and by policy for decades, when in three residents are in food stamps and one in three used to live in poverty. americans are committed to helping our sisters and brothers who are struggling, but we are seeing the damaging results of our broken welfare state. we sent a trillion dollars each year on programs. poverty only seems to increase. something is wrong. compassion demands that we change. the federal government says that the more people we have on food stamps, the more it grows the economy. the department of agriculture declares, each five dollars in new benefits generates almost twice that amount in economic activity for the community. our government is running food stamp emotions at the cease -- emotions act foreign embassies foreigntions at embassies. where i grew up, hard work was honored and independence
Mar 5, 2013 9:30am PST
government is not going to turn on us and do everything in their power and their prestige to try to prevent people from speaking all that it will do ultimately is deeply under mine our faith, and our desire to work with our own government which is our government. all of our government. so that is why this is very important and i ask you to consider very seriously, that they said these records were not there because everybody had deleted them. >> whatever the case is, these records should not have been deleted they pertain to the basic import rights and interest of the public. and these people were involved in basically saying these people should not have a right to speak in public and meet in public and that i find deeply disturbing as a citizen, as a member of this society. thank you very much for your time. >> good afternoon, again commissioners, dr. derek kurr. mr. ginsberg mentioned something about 300 e-mails a day. but, some of those are just junk e-mails and there are going to be inquiries about what time the park opens or the swimming pool closes. and we know that this was an import
Mar 4, 2013 7:00am EST
, but avoid a government shutdown. in "the wall street journal," there have line -- headline -- we turned all of you to get your thoughts, your financial future, are you pessimistic or optimistic? we will start there. for optimism -- if you are pessimistic -- you can also send us a tweak -- a tweet @cspanwj. let me begin with the "los angeles times, courtesy of the museum, -- "los angeles times," courtesy of the newseum -- that is the "los angeles times." how about "the new york times"? what are your thoughts this morning? your financial future, are you optimistic or pessimistic? optimistic -- pessimistic -- we posted this on our facebook page, a little poll. let me show you the results so far. it says here that 27 people so far on our facebook page are optimistic, and about 20 are pessimistic. what are your thoughts on this morning? we want to get your take on your financial future. washington is talking about sequester, whether or not it will have a negative impact on our economy. ohio,go to start in pessimistic. caller: good morning. i am not very optimistic. i am on medicare, social secur
Mar 9, 2013 6:30pm EST
the tax code and make america globally competitive and create more jobs here. make government less wasteful and more leaner. and force immigration policy -- .nfore immigration policy eliminate every regulation that is not needed and that destroys jobs. finally, we must balance the federal budget. these steps will empower americans and not the government. they will promote family not bureaucracy. they will create a future in which the central bonds in our lives are not government rules, but the loyalty we have for one another. >> the annual gridiron dinner is being held at the renaissance hotel in washington, d.c. all additions and journalists are gathering for speeches and site tiatire. only president who has not attended was grover cleveland. president obama will be here. he is scheduled to make remarks. he will also visit capitol hill. he will meet with republicans and democrats of both chambers to discuss the deficit. we will take a moment to watch at the scene at the renaissance hotel. you are looking at the scene where the gridiron club is hosting its dinner tonight. cameras a
FOX News
Mar 2, 2013 1:30pm PST
to survive obama apocalypse. now, they are cooking up more government waste and union clowns who some blame to take twinkies off the shelves. now, they are getting sweet deal on uncle sugar. guess who is getting big blockbuster tax breaks? 1 percenters, trying to do it. these hypocrites and keeping tabs on your money. we start right now. >> i'm eric bombing. are a cashin in crew, wayne rogers and jonathan honig and tracy burns and margie, welcome everybody. congress can't find $85 billion in spending cuts, how about cutting this. $45 billion in unused government coffers. $68 billion beale doled out on studying fish and what they can teach us about democracy. creating videos showing grill sergeants shows off their recipes. jonathan is this what d.c. should have been targeting all along? >> the role have government is clear. it's limited and defined by the constitution. in ours it's full of waste. chock-full of worthless spending. it's exercises and videos about grilling and studies on this and that. senator coburn, would pay workers that don't even work for taxpayers. and even now neither pa
Mar 5, 2013 6:00am PST
party members will fill key positions in the new government. now barring any major surprises, these two men will lead that government. xi jinping is set to replace wen jiabao. li keqiang will likely become premier. as part of our special series "china change and challenge," james tengan is reporting from beijing. james, in addition to these political appointments, delegates are also discussing a range of issues, one made international headlines has been the air pollution. what's the air been like since you arrived? >> reporter: well, it's only my third day here, gene, but i've already seen a huge contrast in the air quality. on monday the sky was blue and the air seemed clean but this morning it was hazy and i could actually taste the pollution. you know, this is one of the most visible side effects of china's rapid development over the past 30 years. a leading chinese specialist in respiratory diseases said last month the air pollution here is more dangerous than sars because nobody can escape it. smothered in soot, a thick haze engulfed beijing just days before the opening of china's
FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 8:00am PST
's handing out another $250 million in aid to the muslim brotherhood government in egypt. this is a move that has senator marco rube for for one enraged, saying, quote, we don't provide foreign assistance solely out of the goodness of our heart. we do so because it furthers our national interest. now, is senator rubio right? how can we be spending more money on egypt at a time like this? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. let's go in focus with mr. steve forbes, rick uger and our other guests. steve, does this make any sense? >> no, it doesn't. it's a complete waste of money. but this may be a plot to undermine the muslim brotherhood because it carries -- in return, we want you to cut a deal with the i fm. we know the international monetary fund w its high tax, getting rid of subsidies when the economy is in a free fall and devaluating the economy, a huge wave of making the government totally unpopular. otherwise it's a huge waste of money. we shouldn't do it. >> rick, on the face of it, at a time when the white house is complaining that it has to give out furloughs and cut white house tour
Mar 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
and people don't when up with stickers or buses or state government demanding more information technology. the challenge for government leaders to realize the potential and possibilities. the last week there is the big headline in the "l.a. times" department of motor of -- motor vehicles gave up on a six year effort to update 40 year-old technology. we spent more than half of the many, not close to a halfway done and they just ended the contract. talk about scandals, is a surprise the court system of california in 2004 identified $260 million upgrade to be completed thousand eight. to madrid $60 million. today the estimate is one point* $9 billion to connect 58 counties and case management system with no expectation insight done before 2015. payroll upgrades in california, that contractor was just fired calpers, the big retirement system consolidating 49 data centers into one, the cost overrun $228 million now everyone is more upset with consolidation than previously but we had a few extra million dollars in the recreation and parks department that we didn't spend but the money is still t
Mar 7, 2013 6:00am PST
government. the national people's congress is happening at the great hall of the people in the chinese capital. when it's over, it is all but certain these two men will take control of this nation of 1.3 billion. next week congress party secretary xi jinping will be confirm as president and li keqiang should become premier. this week we're taking a closer look at the country they will inherit in our special series "china, change and challenge." james tengan reports for us. the npc has wrapped up its third day and there are indications the incoming government will be different from those of the past. are you seeing any indications? >> reporter: yes, gene, delegates inside the great hall of the people are talking behind closed doors, but elsewhere in beijing we are seeing signs of how things are already changing under the incoming regime. business as usual in beijing, even with the biggest political event of the year under way. but unlike past years, you can't tell congress is in session just by looking around. when i was here last november, this area was full of flowers and decorations
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2013 8:00pm EST
there and -- alternative out there, and since the government threats have turned out to be fake, with no ramification, people are saying it is not as risky to invest in stocks any more. get your yield from stocks not government treasures that is what we're seeing today, although very much unlike 2007, very broad that suggests there is more to come. neil: if there is more to come, history suggestions there is not a lot more, in most circumstances where the dow hits a record, it is a punch waited moment that is -- punch waiting moment that is often followed by something bad. remember early highs and 1987, and remember what happened in fall of 87. same with early 1929, and fall of 1929. market has a way of celebrating the good, and soon there after looking at something pretty bad, what do you think now? >> we have short-term memory on some black swan events that cost people billions upon billions of dollars, joe is right, most visit investors were taking a defensive posture, and they feel they have to run to market for runs. neil: what is new? are they doing it based on today's dow record, the money tha
Mar 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
responsibility for the attacks that sparked a nationwide protest. the government called for a targeting against the group, but many believe not enough is being done to protect shias. >> this attack could have been avoided. instead politicians want to negotiate with these killers. >> shias make up a crock -- approximately 1/5 of pakistan's people. frustrations are clearly rising with each attack. a strike has been called for monday but there is growing concern in the community, which has remained largely peaceful in spite of the violence of faces, may begin to take their anger to the streets. al jazeera, karachi. >> in an interview with al jazeera, pakistan's foreign minister condemned the attack which seems to have targeted shia muslims. >> there is absolutely no justification. absolutely no speaking to any mother who has lost a child. if -- trying to paint it in a way where i have no -- you know, i absolutely cannot try and undermine or overlook the suffering that many, many people in pakistan had. but what i say is that you have to see, what is it that the pakistani nation and government can
Mar 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
. >>> japanese leaders have decided to loosen long-standing restrictions on arms exports. they say the government will allow japanese firms to participate in the u.s. led production of f-35 stealth fighter jets, but some lawmakers are concerned they'll one day see arms jointly developed by japan used in conflicts abroad. nhk world's jun yotsumoto reports. >> reporter: engineers at lockheed martin designed the f-35 as a weapon of war. it has a more advanced air warning system, missiles and guns. japanese leaders plan to make the f-35 their mainstay fighter jet. they are buying 42 of them. the first arrive in 2017. traditionally, helping build or provide parts for this foreign-made weapon would counter the country's past but the prime minister says things are are changing. >> translator: joining the new production system will help secure the stable purchase of this jet. >> reporter: his chief cabinet secretary said the change will benefit japan in many ways. >> translator: the participation in the production of the f-35 will nurture, maintain and enhance the technological expertise in defense equip
Mar 6, 2013 7:00am EST
. but i wonder if the government said you cannot -- the government wants to make sure -- expert evidence that was given against them was by lies and fabrications by the police and not allowed to continue. until we get to the truth of this about the collision that took place. >> can i say in reply, i pay to be to the work is done over the years and i know i was slightly rebuffed. mr. speaker, i have been too soft in the past couple of weeks and quietly spoken. let's put it this way. i'm very proud. we must get to the truth. >> thank you, mr. speaker. will the minister first of all acknowledge as a member of the second largest party of opposition, one is not the labour party? and will he indicate what of the reports are standing by its et on other atrocities in northern ireland? and will be demonstrated that if et must do more to reassure the majority community that republicans murdered protestants in northern ireland in cold blood? and if et report should demonstrate that in the publications findings. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this is been raced in on more than one occasion. i continue l
Mar 3, 2013 9:00pm EST
federation of government employees. followed by a discussion on rising gas prices, oil and gas tax credits and climate change. our guest is the american petroleum institute's chief economist. "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> i was fascinated by her feminist view. remember the ladies or you're going be in trouble. i'm paraphrasing, obviously, but she warned her husband. you can't rule without including what women want and what women have to contribute. and, i mean this is 1700's she's saying that. >> abigail adam, this monday night on c-span's new history series. she was called mrs. president from her detractors. one of the most prolific writers of any first lady she provides a window into her life with john adams. join the conversation live on monday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span, c-span radio and >> member in the british house of commons are back from a short recease. prime minister david cameron answered questions about the downgrading of the credit line by moody's. this is about 35 minutes. >> questions for the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speak
Mar 2, 2013 6:20pm EST
signed the order authorizing the government to begin cutting $85 billion from federal agencies. today in his weekly address the president talked about the impact of automatic spending cuts and said that congress can turn them off any time. washington representative delivered the republican address and called on the president and the senate democrats to negotiate a solution to the automatic spending cuts. >> hi, everybody. on friday i met with leaders from both sides of congress in find a way forward in light of the severe budget cuts, known in washington as the quever that has already started to inflict pain across the country. these cuts are not smart. congress can turn them off at any time as soon as both sides are willing to compromise. as a nation, we've fought back from the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes and we'll get through this too. in a time when your businesses are getting more traction, hiring workers, bringing jobs back to america, the last thing washington needs to do is get in their way. that is what these cuts in research, education, will do. it is unnecessary.
Mar 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
it makes it right but the government has been doing it for decades. some of the courts have apparently ruled that what a person does in the open, even behind a back yard fence, can be seen from a passing airplane and is not protected by privacy laws. you know, i don't think i agree with that. if you're swimming in your pool in your back yard, if you're in your hot tub in your back yard, just because we have the technology to be able to see you in your hot tub, does that really mean they have a right to look at what you are doing in your back yard, so i don't really accept that. i think it has been abused and something that really we should be fighting against the surveillance state. advocates say predators are simply more effective than other planes. flying out of earshot and out of sight, a predator bee can watch a target for 20 hours nonstop, far longer than any police helicopter or manned aircraft. i would say there it seems like it may be somewhat analogous to the supreme court case. the supreme court ruled that you can't tag people's cars and watch them constantly waiting to see i
Mar 3, 2013 11:00am EST
accepted the chairmanship, did you have a point of view about the government's bailout of general motors? thank you i just new general motors shouldn't go away, and, frankly, i didn't follow it closely in the news. but i knew in my heart that general motors couldn't go away. is too important to this country. >> host: how much of your decision was based on something that was more visceral and emotional, the idea that general motors shouldn't go away? and then economics of it, steve jobs, the employer, the entire ecosystem around it auto industry? >> guest: i have the emotional feeling that general motors couldn't go away, once you go beyond that feeling you could think about the impact it would have on jobs, suppliers, all that sort of stuff. so i guess one really followed another. >> host: the bailout also trigger a lot of emotional reaction among the american public. why do you think that people reacted so strongly, to the idea of the government stepping in to save general motors? >> guest: well, i think it was a lot of money for a starter. i think, too, there were a lot of people, abun
Mar 9, 2013 2:35pm EST
of the people. we need to grow the economy, not the government. people are being hurt every day by the washington establishment, the democrats, are determined to shield from accountability. government has never been bigger, or more out of control. they say there is no problem with waste, frud and abuse, they say, the problem is you. they say you and r not sending them enough money. they say they have lively spent every penny. so you must just send them more. and if you don't, well, they won't stop spending. they will just borrow more. these destructive policies cannot continue. we're at the breaking point. instead, we must act to create more jobs and better pay. we can do it without adding to the debt. here is how. make welfare temporary. the welfare office an employment and job training office. unlock america's vast energy resources to create millions of good-paying jobs. defend american workers from unfair foreign trade practices, reform the tax code to make america globally compared to creating more jobs here. make government leaner, less wasteful, so it produces greater resu
FOX News
Mar 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
everywhere, destroying government is not good politics. >> and it's a financial meltdown in this country, if you don't stop spending. >> congressman paul brown, republican from georgia says the tea party principles are not the bane of the g.o.p. it's their only hope. >> somehow we have to have a party that stands firm on principles. >> and communicate them effectively. >> the republican party's message has been deplorable. >> why, they used to be good at it. >> i blame our leadership. >> john: congressman tom price has been part of that leadership. >> congressman, what's your sense with the tea party? are they kind of the spent force. >> i don't think there's spent force. the tea party across from country are wonderful individuals who wants to make sure this economy gets rolling again. >> john: they don't want to see you blinking. >> that may be. >> john: brown worries about the next big fiscal he showdown, the debt ceiling, which the government will hit yet again in mid february. brown wants to hold the line, but he fears the g.o.p. leadership will cave. john boehner's a great speaker,
FOX News
Mar 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
over drones and the government's threats to kill americans on american soil. today it got a terrific answer from the attorney general, saying they woken engage in come bat on u.s. soil. how in the world could this be a question that was necessary? senator paul got assist from a bipartisan team of lawmakers who asked questions of the kentucky republican senator, among other things. listen. >> hooray. for 13 hours we asked them that question. >> what are the limits we respect to these lethal authorities and in particular whether they can be used inside the united states. >> i wanted to prevent hem from going into technology shock and withdraw. and provide an in-person twitter feed for you. this is about the constitution. stand with rand. gift it together, g.o.p. >> quoting a modern-day poet, he has a song called work hard play hard. it's the name of -- how it starts. i think you look at the time, it's a time when many of our colleagues expected to be home back in the home state playing hard but i'm happy we're still here working hard. >> after a little after 130 -- 12:30 senator mall s
Mar 4, 2013 12:00am EST
disgrace. mr. speaker, three years at the prime minister had this to say. first priority of any government has to keep the credit rating. that has to come first. it's the only responsible thing to do. how is that going? \[laughter] isn't it amazing that the opposition won't condemn someone that speaks up for troasts? it is disgraceful. he will have a second chance when he gets up again. the decision of the agency is a reminder of the debt problem that this country faces and it is a warning that if anyone thinks we can walk away from it. it is vital that we keep up with the work of it and has interest rates at record low levels. his policy is by borrowing more. >> i was asking about the country's credit rating. about the country's credit rating. this is what he used to say, it was a mark of trust in our economy but it is right upfront in our new economic model. his manifesto that he published for the general election, safeguarding britain's credit rating was "ben mark for britain against which the british people can judge the economic success or failure of the next government." does the pri
FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
>> tom: government is not waiting one nano seconds for the health care law. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. whether the cliff or the sequester cuts, more taxpayers are being told they will have to wait for their money. new report shows the irs are going full steam ahead, another d.c. double standard. to our panel and also joining us gary. sequester hypocrisy? >> of course it is. people make them think and they don't think they'll get their tax refund but the money needs to keep rolling in to pay for the president's healthcare law. we have no idea yet how much this is going to hit the american people because this year, don't forget on higher income americans you have medicare payroll tax hike, investment income hike and medical devices tax, that is just this year. >> and here is the interesting thing. with all that stuff. they are not going to wait nanosecond to collect their money but what the heck, where is my tax refund? >> i think you have a situation where they are trying to cause as much pain as possible to show you, hey, i told you so. sequester was bad. look we we
Mar 4, 2013 5:30am PST
that governs the shia community, they are now calling on the government to launch a targeted campaign against those groups responsible for carrying out the attacks against people in their community. this demand, of course, follows a targeted campaign being carried out right now by the government in a neighboring province after the shia community in this city faced a series of attacks just this year, in which close to 200 people lost their lives. after days of protests, the government conceded to carrying out this targeted operation in that province. now here in pakistan's largest city, the shia community is demanding the same thing. many questions are being asked about how capable or able the government is to protect these minority groups. >> let's return to our main story, and the kenyan elections. we have correspondents across the country on the story. peter gress tte, the voting stations have been open for eight hours. how has voting gone there, and what has turnout been like? >> not white sure about turnout, we need to check with an officer. but it has been very high indeed. almost approa
Mar 3, 2013 4:00am PST
rewrite his good government guide. that uses the analogous city-owned dumpster that the city employees don't have to go climbing into to find deleted records. that is ridiculous. under 340.90. >> gong never said at the outset that the records had been deleted they never told mr. wooding that his records had been deleted that did not come up until right at the end of the sotf process that he was finally told that they were, in fact, deleted. and had he been told that earlier he could have asked earlier that back up tapes be searched. mr. saint crox's to dismiss, that is hue in fact what miss gong should have done is referred mr. wooding to the department of technology and information services which is a city agency which must bypass mr. saint croix's awareness. >> she should have referred george to dtis, the second thing... >> mr. >> that she did not do... >> thank you, your three minutes is up. >> the private public partnership that she had an obligation. >> the private entities >> we have a lot of speakers today. >> sometimes... good evening i am a greg miller and a resident of san franci
Mar 3, 2013 8:30am EST
misunderstanding of what happened and in particular what the government did in response, and i'm coming back to that. it's liable to hamstring us as a society the next time anything remotely like this happens. just imagine if europe had blown up financially as looked possible six months ago but doesn't look very likely at all right now. so we got what the markets were calling the lehman ii scenario. what would have been the chances of getting true the congress -- think the congress another stimulus, another t.a.r.p. or anything like that? as a lot of people in this room know, you can damn any piece of legislation now by saying it's like t.a.r.p.. people have this view that t.a.r.p. was a failure, that it robbed taxpayers of $700 billion to dole out cash to undeserving bankers. the only part of that sentence that is accurate is the adverb "undeserving." [laughter] they were undeserving. they didn't deserve it. but when the ship is sinking, you don't quite worry about just desserts until you make sure the ship doesn't sic. but, in fact, the tarp was a tremendous success. the financial parts of
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Mar 3, 2013 2:00am EST
. >> at a time when the government looks to cut spending, the white house is acugesed of kicking off a 100 city snding tour. federal officialsingocal leaders how to get their hand says on measure federal money. is it the worst use of tax dollars at a critical time. i am dave asbin. we'll have steve rich and elizabeth and john and joining us for the first time sabrina. steve, the white house is denying that it is it a spending tour, what do you say? >> if they deny it is a spending tour that is what it is. they are addicted to spending. they take the resources out of the economy . money does not come from manna from hven or marrings. but from we the people and printing money with a taxation. >> rick, is this a spending tour or something we need? >> it is a wonderful pr campaign. what i like about it is the people who voted for they appropriations are labeling it a wild spending tour. government agencies are going in to the cities to help them more efficiently use the money so they are not wasting it why is this a bad idea? >> because of the fact, rick, it encourages local official to take more f
Mar 2, 2013 7:00am PST
, and if the nation cannot come to agreement on that, as possible the government will shut down. >> minnesota is feared dead after being swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up under his home late on thursday near tampa. police say the land underneath the house is a network of cabins full of water. family members told emergency crews they heard a loud crash and scream. >> i ran in and jump in the hole. i was screaming his name. i could swear i heard him calling my name. >> i've been told by outside experts that the site is extremely unstable. this is not your typical sinkhole. this is a cabin. this covers a great distance. we still have not been able to find the boundary of the underground cavern. >> it has been revealed venezuela's president has been receiving chemotherapy as part of his cancer treatment. despite battling for his life, the leader's reported to be in good spirits. these comments were made after a church service after accusations the government has been lying about his condition. family doctors placed a breathing tube to help chavez with the issue of respiratory deficiency. he
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Mar 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
this is no way to run a government. >> the president is focused on solution not assigning blame. >> the white house says the first move to the sequester is to allow thousands of illegal immigrants jailed in america go free. >> the agency released these low-risk noncriminal detainees under a less expensive form of monitoring to ensure detention levels stayed within ice's overall budget. >> this idea of supervised release is laughable. these are all people who are multiple border crossers, they could never stop them crossing an international border, how on earth are they going to provide supervised release. >> i frankly think this is outrageous and i can't believe they can't find the kind of savings they need out of that department short of letting criminals go free. >> and texas governor rick perry also blasting ice over the release over illegal immigrants. he calls it a federally sponsored jail break. governor perry joins us, good evening, governor. >> hi, greta, good evening. >> greta: do you want to tell me what federally sponsored jail break means? >> well, when you start turning people ou
Mar 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
for government securities. it would buy and sell all the government securities anybody wanted to offer on the market to keep interest rates from rising. the fed bought bonds the treasury issued that the public didn't buy. dr. brimmer explains more on how open-market operations affect the economy. open-market operations consist of purchase or sale of government securities. purchases supply reserves. sales reduce reserves. the reserves are the basis for expanding loans and therefore expanding money and credit. very important activity. pumping so much money into the economy did not lead to inflation because the economy had room to expand and because strict controls were imposed on wages and prices. after the allied victory, the treasury insisted on keeping the same arrangement, and the controversy began. the fed felt they were merely acting as the treasury's agent. it was unclear how long it would continue. as far as the conduct of monetary policy was concerned, the treasury straitjacketed the fed. why were their interests in conflict? as the economy expanded after the war, the demand for
Mar 6, 2013 5:30am PST
relationship with the venezuelan government." committedates remains to policies that promote democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights." iran has declared a day of mourning in honor of the death of hugo chavez. the rena president ahmadinejad pays tribute, saying, "day venezuela lost its brakes, strong sun. i have no doubt that he will return. braveezuela has lost its son. " the lebanese foreign minister has asked for syria to be readmitted into the arab league at a meeting in cairo. but he was met with a quick response from the prime minister of qatar. >> let us bring back syria to the arab league, let's lift the ban on its participation in our region. we need communication with syria to save six. it is a necessity for a political solution. >> i would like to respond on syria and the resolution aimed at resolving the dispute peacefully and not to create a sea of blood. the one who has created the blood shed is a star saw. >> we're following this story from the lebanese capital beirut. it appears that divisions are appearing within the arab league as far as the
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